Introduction of teachers and staffs

Sakura Gakuen’s Hagi school and Shiminoseki school have teachers of proven worth who are familiar with the Japanese education, and staffs who support the lives of students from all aspects. We have staffs who can speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. They can respond to your questions and issues that you cannot tell in Japanese just after your arrival. Please consult us anything. All of our teachers and staffs will support you to enjoy learning Japanese and have a fulfilling life.

Hagi School Members

Akiko Takaragawa

Hatsumi Abu

Shoko Yasuda

Sachiko Okamoto

Yumi Shimohashi

Saori Takeuchi

Masumoto Yuko

Saito Tomonobu

Yasuyuki Miyagi

Pandey Bhola

Gurusinghe Sanjeewa

Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy

Ta Van Duc


Staff in Viet Nam

Our staff

Hideaki Nishimura