Introduction of Shimonoseki city

Shimonoseki is at the western tip of Honshu.
It faces Kushu across the Kanmon Straits, and it is near the Korean Peninsula and the continent of China. This is why it has been flourished as an important spot of transportation of marine and land traffics since the ancient times.
Shimonoseki appeared at several important turning points in Japanese history, and many dramas were born there.
On March 24 in 1185 (first year of Bunji era), the final war between Minamoto family and Taira family broke at Dannnoura.

Dan-no-ura no tatakai

Naval Battle of Dannoura


Akama Shrine









Yoshitsune Minamoto attacked Taira family using the flow of straits and gained a victory. And Taira family went to ruin.
Emperor Antoku, who was only 8 years old, jumped to Kanmon Straits with three sacred treasures and passed away.
The destruction of Taira family has led to the start of the warrior society.
Edo Shogunate, which was the last of the warrior society, was overthrown by the Meiji Restoration. During this period, famous people flourished on the stage of Shimonoseki, and made a big contribution to the modernization of Japan. In Shimonoseki city, especially Shinsaku Takasugi is well known.

Japan has developed greatly as a country after it was modernized. Later, however, it experienced unfortunate war period. In the postwar period, Japan formed a new nation. Shimonoseki city has also flourished as a seaport city of the cornerstone of western Japan.


1958: Kanmon National Highway Tunnel opens
In 1958, Kanmon National Highway Tunnel connecting Shimonoseki and Kitakyushu opened.
It is 3461 meters long (including 780 meters of the seabed part), and has a two-layer structure of the “street” and the “footpath”.
1973: Kanmon Bridge opens
In 1973, Kanmon Bridge and Chugoku Expressway (Shimonoseki – Ozuki) opened.

Kanmon bridge

Kanmon Bridge









1975: Shin-Shimonoseki Station opens
In 1975, Sanyo Shinkansen opened, and Shin-Shimonoseki Station opened.
2005: New “Shimonoseki” is born
On February 13, 2005, Shimonoseki, Kikugawa cho, Toyota cho, Toyoura cho, Toyokita cho (1 city and 4 towns) merged to become new “Shimonoseki” city.


Introduction of Shimonoseki city

Good access to public transportation, such as Shimonoseki station and bus stop


Introduction of Shimonoseki city

Good access to shopping mall


Introduction of Shimonoseki city

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