Hagi School

In October 2010, Sakura International Language Teaching College opened as Shimonosaki’s Sakura International Language College’s sister school in Hagi, Yamaguchi, the birthplace of the Meiji Restoration. This school focuses on teaching Japanese to international students for the purpose of fostering international goodwill and friendship. It has 2 departments, with the Japanese language department as the home of international students who plan to study university or vocational school in Japan. The International Department offers courses in Japanese-Chinese business interpretation/translation and Korean.

Shimonoseki School

Sakura International Language College opened in April 2005 in Shimonoseki, an international port city located on the western end of Honshu. As the first langauge vocational school in Yamaguchi Prefecture, this school focuses on foreign language and Japanese language education with the clear goal of making contributions to international goodwill and friendship. The International Department offers courses in Business Japanese, attracting students who want to master Japanese.