2018 Christmas Party at Hagi School

Today we had our Christmas party at Hagi School though it’s a little early.

October 2018 Entrance Ceremony at Shimonoseki School

On November 14th, we held an entrance ceremony for October 2018 session at Shimonoseki school.

2018 Hagi Jidai Festival – Hagi School

On November 11, We participated in the Hagi Jidai Festival, one of the festivals with long history in Hagi.

2018 Fire Drill at Hagi School

On October 26, we conducted fire drill at Hagi school.

About our school

Sakura International Academy is a professional language school with the capacity of 260 students; 130 Japanese students and 130 foreign students.
The resident status given to our foreign students is “international student”. The principle of this school is to understand different cultures and raise the personality through the learning of a foreign language, and to contribute to the international goodwill and international peace. We strongly hope that the students and teachers will come together while deepening intercommunication, and that you will have a meaningful life.

President Mitsumasa Tamura

Mitsumasa Tamura

副理事長 高雪梅

Setsubai Ko

副理事長 田村伊正

Representative Director
Koremasa Tamura

Our Partners

Golf Plaza Hagi

Hagi Iwami Country Club

Hagi Royal Intelligent Hotel

Kyouwa Construction Industry Inc.

Hagi Brand Cooperative

Tochikaihatsu Inc.

BRICS ASEAN Economy Exchange Cooperation Union

Tokyo Estate Company

Hokubu As-con Corporation

Takai PFI partners Inc.

Hagi City Japan-China Friendship Association

Yamaguchi Economic and Cultural Exchange Association

Gerigo Corporation

Sennokazeninatte Inc.

Hawaii Palms English School

Hawaii Palms English School